Twitter opens Spaces, its live audio feature, to anyone with 600+ followers and details plans for Ticketed Spaces, reminders, co-hosting, accessibility, and more. ( Sarah Perez / TechCrunch)

In a press release today, Twitter announced that it is expanding its live-streaming features to anyone with more than 600 followers. Twitter Spaces will be open to anyone with more than 600 followers, including Twitter employees, influencers, or journalists, except celebrities, who cannot use the feature. Twitter has been adding features to Spaces since early December, but the company now allows anyone to use it. Twitter Spaces will allow users to share their lives at the moment via text, photos, videos, GIFs, and live Audio. The announcement comes after Twitter decided to remove live-streaming of video ads in October, which led to a significant drop in views and revenue.

  What is Twitter Spaces? 

On Tuesday, Twitter announced the launch of Spaces, an official platform that lets users broadcast Audio to their followers, including video, slideshows, and presentations. The service was built internally and launched Tuesday at the request of Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, who said he wanted to be able to communicate with users directly. As of Wednesday, Spaces has been opened to anyone with a minimum of 600 followers, although the company still needs to say exactly why it’s only opening up to those users. Twitter Spaces is an amazing way to give your followers a special experience while keeping your feed from getting cluttered.

 How does Twitter Spaces work? 

 This works because you’re following a specific list of Twitter accounts and being shown what those accounts are talking about. You can follow lists of statements or search for a hashtag and see everything tweeted with that hashtag or anything else. And when you’re looking at a Twitter Spaces stream, you can scroll through the tweets and look at the replies, favourites, and retweets of the people tweeting. To keep up with the latest information, you can follow those people or search for topics related to the conversation. Twitter Spaces is a great way to learn more about what people on Twitter are saying.

 Why did Twitter open a live audio feature and detailed plans for Ticketed spaces?  

Twitter is opening up its Live Audio feature today, allowing anyone to broadcast Audio to the world. In the past, this was strictly used by broadcasters, podcasters, and radio DJs. With the live feature, Twitter offers broadcasters access to the same tools they would use in a TV studio: cameras, microphones, speakers, lighting, and the ability to edit and manipulate the sound. However, Twitter isn’t giving broadcasters or podcasters any special permissions or tools. This is the first step toward building its own podcast platform and expanding its content to include audio-only posts.


In conclusion, we’ve heard rumours of Twitter Spaces for quite some time. But now, it’s official. Twitter has finally introduced its long-rumoured Spaces platform. And it looks exactly like what many of us were hoping for a place to live-stream audio recordings, videos, and other media with the same audience you follow on Twitter. There are two main reasons why we’re so excited about Spaces. First, it represents the culmination of many years of work on Twitter’s end, and second, it’s the culmination of the ideas we discussed back in September 2016. With Spaces, Twitter’s long-anticipated live audio feature becomes a reality for everyone, including regular users and brands. Spaces are the future of live streaming on social networks, and we’re thrilled to see it happen finally.


1. What are the features of Twitter Spaces? 

Twitter Spaces includes the following features: * Listen to live music, comedy, sports, and other audio streams * Follow the artist or performer for updates on their show * See who’s listening and what they’re tweeting about * Check out the Twitter timeline. 

2. When will Ticketed Spaces be available? 

Ticketed Spaces will be available in select markets starting today. 

3. How can I get into Twitter Spaces? 

To get into Twitter Spaces, you must have a Twitter account and follow @twitter. 

4. How do I invite people to my Twitter Space? 

You can either type the person’s Twitter username into the Twitter Spaces website box or click on the button that says “Invite a person.”

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