A look at Peacock as it enters its second year considers expansion abroad and tries to grow paid subscriptions; sources: 20% of Peacock’s 14M MAUs pay for it. (Gerry Smith / Bloomberg)

In early 2018, Peacock will enter its second year in business. Like Netflix, the company’s revenue has come from advertising and content acquisition. However, unlike Netflix, Peacock has always been focused on a specific niche audience (those who want to watch anime) and has yet to expand beyond its original target market. The company had 14 million active monthly users (MAUs) in its first year. Around 20 per cent of these MAUs (2.9 million) pay for the service, with the average paying customer paying about $25 monthly. In January 2018, the company announced it had raised a new round of funding and planned to expand internationally and into more countries. According to the company, the grant will help it.

 What is Peacock?

Peacock, the app that lets you find people in your area willing to watch a movie with you, is celebrating two years since its founding and growing. But what’s interesting is what Peacock’s doing next. The video chat app wants to expand its service beyond U.S. borders, with an eye toward Latin America and Europe. And it’s also eyeing a bigger slice of the market by offering subscription services. Peacock has found a place in the media world, but it still needs to be clarified if it can make money. So, as a business owner, what does that mean? As discussed last week, the market is moving away from the old ad models, like Google Adsense. With this shift, the future of advertising will become much more challenging.

How did Peacock get started? 

Peacock started because its founder saw a need to fill, but he needed to see someone doing it better. So he decided to start. “The company was founded out of frustration at the lack of tools available to help build software in a way that made sense to us. We wanted something faster and more flexible than traditional systems,” he said. 2008, Peacock was incorporated and launched in 2009.

 How has Peacock grown so quickly? 

Peacock has had to grow quickly because it’s an internet-based startup, and the content and products are hosted on the company’s platform. To keep up with the demand for growth, Peacock needs to find ways to speed up its content delivery process. By making all its content easily searchable, Peacock will make it easier for visitors to see what they want.

 What are the Peacock’s Challenges and Opportunities? 

“Peacock’s challenges are two-fold: (1) finding the right people and (2) developing content that’s worthy of a $10 billion dollar company,” said Kevin Hochman, editor-in-chief of the Digital Retailer. “The opportunities come from the fact that Peacock has built a strong brand in a relatively small market. If it can take advantage of its network, the company has a chance to really build.”

 What is  Peacock’s Strategy to Grow Its Subscription Base? 

Peacock is the only subscription company that gives a free trial for its paid plan. According to CEO and founder Ben Lerer, the company is moving to build trust. You create a relationship and trust in their product by providing something free. This allows them to keep people engaged because they’re already invested in their development. They can tell they would never sign up if they had to pay upfront.


In conclusion, Peacock says it was founded in 2013 to offer premium video content to its audience, which it describes as “curious people who are fascinated by curiosity.” The service has since expanded into other areas, including music and live events. In 2017 it raised $30m (£22.8m) in funding from Comcast Ventures and Accel Partners.


1. How many people are using Peacock right now? 

Peacock has more than 14 million monthly active users. We’re in the top 100 apps in the U.S. and growing very fast. 

2. How many people are paying for Peacock? 

We have 20% of our MAUs paying for Peacock. 

3. Where does Peacock get its content? 

Peacock is an aggregator. It is a third-party site where users can find content from various sources. 

4. What makes Peacock unique? 

Peacock offers a premium subscription that includes additional features.

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