Texas Right to Life whistleblower site is now using Epik for its name servers and domain registrar after DigitalOcean appears to have cut off service. (Jon Brodkin/Ars Technica)

Texas Right to Life is a state-based anti-abortion organization founded by pro-life activist Chuck Smith in 1991. Since its founding, the organization has become the largest and most active abortion-advocacy group in the United States. Smith has long been controversial among pro-life activists because of his controversial tactics and beliefs. Recently, the organization made headlines when it was reported that they were facing financial issues. To raise money to cover these expenses, the organization’s president, Chuck Grigsby, launched a fundraising campaign on Indiegogo. On July 27, 2017, Smith appeared on Fox Business and claimed that Texas Right to Life is being “harassed” and that they are being “blacklisted” by “an outfit called Digital Ocean” that has refused to provide any reason for the alleged censorship.

 What is Texas Right to Life whistleblower site? 

We’re happy Texas Right to Life has switched to Epik for its domain registrar. While they had a relationship with DigitalOcean before this change, it seems like DigitalOcean has blocked the use of certain top-level domains for some reason. The website,, is now using DigitalOcean and GoDaddy but was forced to switch to a new domain registrar after being blocked by the providers and losing access to their services. After a long battle, Right To Life has finally secured a new hosting provider for its site. The group’s domain name registrar, who it had previously used for the domain registration, had pulled the plug on the service over the weekend and demanded payment within seven days.

 How to get your domain and name servers transferred to Epik? 

Once your domain name and name server settings are set, it’s time to change the domain and name servers. Any email messages sent to your new email address, such as, will be redirected to your new email provider. In addition to redirecting emails to your new account, you’ll need to change your DNS records in your new account. This is done by changing the DNS settings to point to your new name server.

 Why is DigitalOcean Cutting Off Service to Texas Right to Life Whistleblower Site? 

In September 2012, DigitalOcean offered its services to LifeSiteNews, a news site that published a report about the abortion industry and other content. DigitalOcean said that the company had violated its terms of service by sharing the IP addresses of its customers with LifeSiteNews. “We are disappointed that DigitalOcean chose to terminate its relationship with LifeSiteNews based on a violation of their Terms of Service,” said John Miano, general counsel for LifeSiteNews, adding that they will be suing the company. “It is clear that LifeSiteNews is a news website, and this decision is a blatant attempt to shut down dissenting voices from the public debate.”


In conclusion, DigitalOcean is now being accused of cutting off service to users who are pro-choice and blocking access to pro-life websites. DigitalOcean has been accused of providing services to pro-life websites and is now targeted by pro-life activists. This could be because DigitalOcean is being forced to host several pro-life websites under threat of being labeled as an “illegal” service provider, which will put them in violation of anti-discrimination laws. If you support a pro-life cause, you may want to check out this article to learn how to use a hosting service that supports pro-choice websites.


1. What’s the problem with DigitalOcean? 

Epik has been experiencing many DNS lookups for domains registered on the DigitalOcean registry. This is causing many customers to be unable to access their website and is also causing many customers to lose email service.

2. How can I fix this? 

Epik is working on getting a new registry partner. Until then, we are working on a temporary solution. 

3. Is DigitalOcean able to help me with my problem? 

DigitalOcean has a team of customer service representatives ready to assist you. 

4. What does DigitalOcean offer that Epik doesn’t? 

DigitalOcean offers more services and features than Epik.

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