Troy Hunt claims that Carding Mafia, a forum for trading, stole credit card data, and has been hacked, exposing emails, usernames, and passwords of ~300K hackers. (Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai / VICE)

A member of Carding Mafia, an underground forum where hackers exchange stolen credit card details, claimed that he had access to the private media and posted a statement revealing that his fellow hackers were “dumb fucks” who had handed over the forum login credentials to some random guy on the internet. He states that he had no intention of giving these hackers away and would rather sell the data himself. The hacker who owns the forum claims that the whole thing was a scam and that the stolen data isn’tisn’t real.

  What is Carding Mafia?  

Carding Mafia is a criminal organization comprising credit card scammers specializing in stealing and selling large amounts of money to the highest bidder. The Carding Mafia aims to sell stolen credit card numbers and data for profit. By committing such crimes, members of the Carding Mafia are essentially working as illegal stock traders, betting on the movement of the price of stolen goods. Carding is one of the most lucrative and dangerous cybercrimes today. Carding is the illegal activity of purchasing and selling stolen credit cards. In its early days, carding involved a group of hackers sitting in a chat room, connecting their computers to chat channels. The group was known as a “carding crew,” They traded stolen credit cards by sending them through chat channels. Because of the growing popularity of this practice, the term “carding” has evolved to mean all credit card hacking.

 How Does Carding Mafia Work?  

“Carding Mafia is a mobile app that lets people trade in credit card rewards and points,” says Lerer. “The premise behind the app is that if you put cash into a mutual fund, the money gets invested in the market and returns are maximized. With Carding Mafia, users are able to convert the cash they’re-they’re accumulating into actual credit cards by transferring funds to a credit card company’scompany’s prepaid account.” While Carding Mafia is geared toward millennials, the platform is a good example of how young consumers are beginning to take control of their finances and their money decisions.

Why has Carding Mafia been hacked?  

 The carding website had two things hackers wanted: money and personal information. The area was incredibly valuable for a site specifically selling stolen and debit credit cards. It provided a centralized place where sellers could advertise their stolen cards, and buyers could purchase them. Hackers were after both these pieces of information.  The network caters to hackers and cybercriminals who want to stay up-to-date with new trends, tools, and techniques. But, as the founders found out, the site is also incredibly popular with regular people, most of whom are looking for new ways to steal other people’speople’s data.


  Troy Hunt, a security expert and founder of the website Have I Been Pwned, recently claimed that the email account of a notorious criminal known as “CardingMafia” has been hacked, exposing sensitive data about hundreds of thousands of hackers. According to Troy, the email account contains “hundreds of thousands of credentials “belonging to criminals who run criminal websites and forums on the dark web. In addition, Troy also claims that the Carding Mafia forum was hacked, exposing sensitive information about hackers, including usernames and passwords. Troy’sTroy’s findings were reported on the security blog Hacker News.


1. Is it true? 

Troy Hunt claims that Carding Mafia, a forum for trading, was stolen credit card data and has been hacked, exposing emails, usernames, and passwords of ~300K hackers.

2. What happened? 

Troy Hunt says that a hacker gained access to Carding Mafia’sMafia’s servers and stole the email credentials of ~300K people.

3. Why is it important? 

It’sIt’s important because Troy Hunt says that this could be the biggest breach of email accounts in history, and if it is true, it will put many people at risk.

4. What can I do? 

If you’re one of the 300K people whose email account was hacked, you should change your password immediately.

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