Sources: CloutHub and FreeSpace are among the apps vying to be the next platform of Trump, who “wants cash money up front” in exchange for followers he would bring (Keach Hagey/Wall Street Journal)

It’s no secret that President Donald Trump is desperate for followers on Twitter, but a new app called CloutHub hopes to change all that. The app allows anyone to pay for followers — or “clout,” as they call it. According to its founder, CloutHub’s goal is to offer an alternative to services such as the infamous Russian site Followr. Founded by former Facebook employee Adam Krellenstein, CloutHub allows anyone to sign up, list their skills and see which ones are most in demand. Users can then bid for followers with different prices. CloutHub currently has more than 30,000 active users. Trump has been tweeting recently about his preferred platform: “I believe it is very important to keep our apps up to date, and to have many alternatives. In the past year, the market for Twitter Apps has grown by 50%. Many apps are great. I believe that there will be many challengers soon.” But how do these apps compare to others already out there? We’ve looked into both CloutHub and FreeSpace, which offer similar functionality.

What are CloutHub and FreeSpace?

CloutHub is a tool that helps you understand your social media influence. It’s a great place to start for people wondering if they have the right social media clout. FreeSpace is a platform where you can get your first 10,000 followers to help grow your following. It’s a paid service, but many free alternatives exist. CloutHub and FreeSpace are online community platforms that help consumers evaluate products, brands, and companies based on social and peer reviews. The site is built on a similar technology stack to Twitter, allowing easy integration into existing marketing strategies.

Why CloutHub and FreeSpace are among the apps vying to be the next platform of Trump?

The Trump presidency has been marked by a lack of attention to detail and a complete disregard for the established norms of politics and public life. The lack of professionalism has extended to Trump’s online presence, including using both Twitter and Facebook to broadcast messages and statements to his followers. In addition to these platforms, however, several apps are taking advantage of the presidential administration’s chaotic nature to build new platforms. CloutHub and FreeSpace are among those apps. President Donald Trump has given many supporters a reason to celebrate, but other people have had an equally if not more rewarding experience. One of them is CloutHub, an app allowing its users to create a list of influencers and their personal contact information. It also lists the top 100 influencers, which has been updated for the past three years.


In conclusion, the social media and web services companies working hard to capitalize on Trump’s rise include, CloutHub, FreeSpace, and the Huffington Post. For instance, CloutHub allows individuals to pay for “Trump Bucks,” which can be redeemed for goods and services. According to the site, “the more you give, the more you can spend.”  But what about the people who aren’t part of Trump’s administration? He is also in constant contact with the people that he has met through Twitter. He also keeps in touch with friends who run conservative blogs and websites. These sources can provide him with the latest news on the issues that are important to him.


1. How does CloutHub compare to other Twitter apps?

CloutHub is a free app and has a lot of features. The app allows users to create multiple accounts, tweet multiple times per day, and edit their tweets. 

2. Does CloutHub have an API? 

CloutHub does not have an API, but they do have a web-based interface. 

3. What are some of the other features of CloutHub? 

Some of the other features of CloutHub include the ability to create lists, favorite tweets, and follow people. 

4. What does CloutHub cost? 

CloutHub is free to use.

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