Report: March was Twitch’s biggest month to date, with 2B+ hours watched, helped by “sleep streaming,” where popular streamers film themselves while sleeping (Thomas Wilde/GeekWire)

Twitch is growing fast.” Over the past year, its viewership has increased by over 100 million viewers, and the platform reached two billion hours watched in March. To reach this milestone, Twitch had to double its data center capacity, adding more servers and upgrading network hardware. As Twitch continues to grow, it needs to continue to provide reliable service to its community of millions of viewers. 

How March was Twitch’s biggest month to date, with 2B+ hours watched, helped by “sleep streaming?

The data for March indicates that the “sleep streaming” trend continues to grow and gain popularity amongst Twitch streamers. This month the site saw over 7M unique viewers and a total of 2.7B minutes streamed. The top two channels (not including channels only created in March) have over 3.1M subscribers, but there’s still room for growth. Twitch has always been a place for gamers to chat, watch games and meet new friends, but now viewers are coming in droves for something even more than that – a chance to see their favorite streamer while they sleep. The growth rate of viewers watching videos on Twitch during March has been phenomenal. Compared to January, March saw a massive jump in hours watched, with a 24% increase, which shows just how popular the platform has become. As a result of this massive growth, the company is now the top free video site in the world, according to

Why was March Twitch the Biggest month to date? 

The biggest day of March is March 2nd. That’s when Twitch announced their free trial was finally going live for anyone who wanted to check out Twitch without paying any money. On the day the free trial went live, there were over 300,000 new users, and the site saw its highest traffic since October 2012. Over the next several weeks, the number of people using the free trial grew to almost a quarter million. That meant that if you were a user of the free trial, you would probably convert into a paid user at some point. And you’re more likely to do it later than sooner. So while the first day of March was the biggest day of March, it wasn’t necessarily the biggest day for Twitch.

 How to Get Started as a Twitch Streamer? 

To start streaming, I recommend signing up at Twitch. You can sign up with your Facebook account or through your Twitch account. In addition to broadcasting, you can comment on other people’s streams or watch other people’s streams while chatting in a chat room. The chat room will allow you to chat with other viewers while watching streams.


In conclusion, Twitch has a ton of competition, but it also has many fans who love the platform for its community. It’s more than just a game — it’s a lifestyle. The company is so confident in attracting new users that it has opened multiple offices in Seattle. The headquarters in San Francisco is also growing rapidly and is looking to hire hundreds of employees over the next few years. And it seems to be paying off. The number of hours streamed on Twitch increased 40% over the last year, while the number of monthly unique viewers also increased. While that’s great news for the company, it’s still important for the growth of Twitch to maintain its community. Ultimately, if it isn’t the best place to play games, that could be a problem.


1. Why did Twitch have such a big increase in March? 

In February, Twitch had about 6.7 million hours watched. In March, it had 7.2 million hours watched.

2. What was the biggest factor in the increase in viewership? 

It’s hard to say what caused the spike in viewership, but it could have been that “sleep streaming” became more popular in March. 

3. How does sleep streaming work? 

Streamers film themselves while they’re asleep and stream their videos on Twitch. 

4. Is this a new trend?  This is a new trend, but it’s not new for Twitch. Twitch has had a sleep stream for a long time.

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