Looking closely at the complicated career of Harry Kane

Harry Kane is a name familiar to most in the football world. The fans know him for his one of a kind skills and capabilities. It is his true dedication towards the sport that has us all cheering him on always. Born in Walthamstow, London, the player had quite a humble beginning but went on to serve as one of the best strikers among his kind.

His passion for football was visible from a very early age as he joined many academies, including Arsenal’s Youth program which he had to leave because he was a lot smaller in size than the others. He spent a little time with a few other clubs before he was taken in by Tottenham in 2004, who made him the legendary player he is today. He quickly became a prominent name in the Under-16 and Under-18 formats. This was just a sneak peek to his outrageous career.

His professional debut was against Rochdale that ended in a 1-1 draw, but it was the 5 goals that Kane finished the season with that were a great achievement. It was actually the 2014-2015 season of the Premier League that can be seen as a huge breakthrough for the player as he confirmed his place in Tottenham. He was exactly the charm Tottenham needed. His exceptional goal scoring ability came in clutch and won him not only a place in the PFA team but also won him his first Golden boot, with an amazing 25 goals record. As the seasons went by, it was one goal after the other, winning him his second Golden boot with 29 goals in the 2016-2017 season.

He set many records including being the first in history to score 6 hat tricks in a year as well as becoming the team’s all-time top scorer. In the 2018-2019 season, although the team lost, he still came out on top as the top scorer yet again. Harry Kane, with a total of 270 goals to his name, is a rare gem that Tottenham holds proudly.

His international career is also like no other. He began his play with the England team in the Euro 2016 qualifiers. Managing to score a goal within 80 seconds of being on the field is a debut that can never be matched. He played a crucial role on the field in the 2018 FIFA World Cup scoring six goals, including a hat trick. Yet again, the Golden boot had his name written all over it. He was soon made captain of the team but despite his efforts, failed to win any tournament. Amazingly, that year England was 18-1 odds to win it at top rated online sportsbooks. This means if you bet 100 Euros (or dollars) it would have paid you 1800 euros (or dollars).

Harry Kane’s journey can never be equaled with the invaluable contributions he has to offer. His leadership skills and goal scoring capability is what have made him one of the best among many of his generation. These have earned him the name and status he truly deserves. He has won our hearts and remains an inspiration for many around the world.

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